Work has been relatively good to me allowing me to enjoy my hobbies and time with family and friends.

I started out like most, I worked for a couple of grocery stores, then something slightly different than most I was the outdoor activities coordinator for an after care program for kids K - 5. After that I did the fast food thing, working for McDonalds, Boston Market, and Pizza Hut. I spent the most time at McDonalds and was even in management for a while there.

My first venture into the technology fields was in telephony infrastructure. I worked as an installer of phone and network cabling and hardware. This was a fun and interesting job that let me see some of the backend workings of the telephony world.

I got my first real computer job at Plaza Computer Sales and Service in 1996. I worked as a computer tech, network tech/admin, and office manager over my time there. I started my own Internet hosting business there in 1997, unfortunately, I did not have the funds or marketing to make it big as so many did at that time. I started professionally programming at this time too as I wrote my first Internet shopping cart in VB/COM for a paintball store in Ohio. He was able to average over $5k a month from the site!

When I moved to Raleigh, I took a job at MJM Investigations as an IT Support Specialist. Within 6 months I was able to move up into an IT Manager role and then as a part of senior management when our VP of IT went on maternity leave with triplets, and did not return. I moved on to SpectraSite Communications to further my professional programming experience and spent 2 years there learning and growing my knowledge. When SpectraSite went into bankruptcy I was able to get a short contract with the US Army Ft Bragg Womack Army Medical Center to create a scheduling and data tracking application for the refractive eye clinic. While the contract was almost completed, I was offered a position with OAS (Office Automation Solutions), now FileONE Inc. I spent 6 years there building, fixing, and expanding an enterprise application used in several SOS (Secretary of State) offices in several states. The application provided UCC and Corporation filing and tracking system.

I spent several months on contract at Blue Lizard Technologies Inc. in Cary, NC. Blue Lizard is a small but fun software consulting company. I was sub-contracted out to Salix Pharmesueticals for several months as well and it was a good company to work with.

Bob Barker Company in Fuquay-Varina was home for a year and 3 months. Excellent company and great people. Unfortunately with the economy layoffs were a fact of life, but I wish them all the best.

I am now working as a Sr Software Engineer at Clever Devices in Morrisville.

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