Family is very important to me and I have a wonderful family. My parents worked hard to not only provide the things we desired, but a loving and safe home to grow up in.

I have one older sibling, my brother Rob Reinhardt. My brother has two children and I am the proud uncle of the twins, Tristan Liam and Maya Luna. I wish them the very best in life and promise to always be there for them. My brother and I are very lucky to have Bob and Edie Reinhardt as our parents. I am also very happy for my brother in finding his spouse Kelley Harrell. Kelley is a wonderful person and terrific mother to my niece and nephew. I am happy to call her my sister.

Bob Reinhardt
Edie Reinhardt

Bob and Edie Reinhardt grew up in upstate New York and moved the family to Florida when I was just months old. They worked hard for many years to provide for my brother and I and I am happy to say they are now working hard at enjoying their retirement just slightly over an hour from where my brother and I live here in the Raleigh area of North Carolina. This is great as we get to see them and spend time with them regularly. I thank my parents for everything they have and continue to do for me and the support they have provided.

Rob Reinhardt

Rob Reinhardt, my big brother, helped a lot while I was growing up. While we had our differences as all siblings do, he really did try to include me in things and introduce me to games that we both really enjoyed but that also were mentally stimulating. Sure we played the occasional Monopoly, or Life, but the games he taught me stretched the mind in creative and strategic ways. Games such as Axis and Allies, Dungeons and Dragons, Shogun, etc. We also enjoyed playing football at the rec center, volleyball at the beach in Florida. In North Carolina he introduced me to ultimate frisbee. I am greatful for everything my brother has done and the great times we get to spend together.

Jax and Buddy
Jax and Buddy (Jax is on the right)

Jax, Buddy, Avalin, and the late Magik... my pet family members that help to make everyday even more interesting. Jax is my 85 lb. German Shepherd/Lab mix and one big barrel of energy, fun and love. He gives a huge new meaning to lapdog when all he wants to do is "cuddle". Buddy is a 52 lb. Austrailian Shepherd/Chow/Pit mix. Buddy is a ton of fun and a great pal for Jax. Then there is my cat Avalin, the truest meaning of a daddy's boy, he is reluctant to let others even pet him but shows his hidden soft side when daddy is around to pet him without the dogs or other people. The late great Magik cat. He was my best friend for many years and a great companion to Avalin. A fluffy and friendly purr box to anyone he knew and a shy but curious lurker to anyone else.